Mediterranean Red

Multicultural and modern lifestyle for the home environment: We simply take our vacation home with us with our trend color 2021. Mediterranean red is a warm shade of red that creates an atmosphere of naturalness and coziness, bringing a touch of multicultural urban flair into our living rooms.

Longing for warmth and security

Global challenges; both good and bad news around the clock: Today’s transparency has brought a lot of positive things into our lives, but in its abundance, it can be quite unsettling at the same time. So, seeking the best place to retreat in our complex world has become even more relevant than ever. Our trend color Mediterranean red evokes a feeling of warmth and security while allowing space for an open-minded coexistence.


Reddish earth tones satisfy our longing for a natural ambiance, warmth and security within our living space. The color series ranging from terracotta to a variety of browns evoke a sense of southern warmth. Because of its presence around the world and the material’s clearly defined origin, the color is reminiscent of clay, mud or soil, the corresponding color series are considered to be pristinely natural. The rustic nature of Mediterranean red combined with simple, well-designed contours creates a sense of multicultural urban living.

Warmth and security


This is the best way to combine Mediterranean red


After an unexpected previous year, it became clear to us that it is exactly this color shade that was the right one in 2021. This is why this year our alfi®SKYLINE vacuum carafe is wearing the new color trend, as is our ENDLESS LINE as stylish accessories for on the go. 


  • A highlight in a quiet setting: SKYLINE presents itself especially well as an eye-catcher.

  • Mediterranean red harmonizes perfectly with colors reminiscent of nature such as rich greens and dark blue shades, a mix of yellow shades and gunmetal gray.

  • We have compiled even more inspirational ideas about color shades on our pinwall “Trend color Mediterranean red” on Pinterest. Have fun decorating and pinning!


Insulated carafe 1.00 l

Ergonomic handle for easy use

INSULATED drinking bottle 0.50 l

Best insulation performance keeps hot for 12 hrs or cold for 24 hrs.

Drinking bottle 0.90 l

Absolutely leak-proof even if carbonated

ENDLESS food Mug
Insulated food jar 0.50 L

With SnackPot for crispy snacks and toppings

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