alfi - a success story

When Sophie and Carl Zitzmann found Aluminumfabrik Fischbach in 1914, they had no idea that their company would one day become a global market leader for vacuum carafes. Today, the company now known as alfi sets the standard for material quality, processing and design. There is more than 100 years of history in between. For us, this time-honored tradition is what motivates us and at the same time we feel it is a great amount of responsibility.

            Fischbach: founded 1914


Carl Zitzmann founded Aluminiumfabrik Fischbach together with his wife and ten employees and commences with the production of vacuum carafes.

Isoliergefäße aus
        Fischbach mit Werbeplakat 1918


The vacuum carafes quickly find enthusiastic consumers. Because of the good sales and the increase associated with that, the company has in the meantime grown to 75 employees.

Isoliergefäße aus
        Fischbach 1928


Even beyond the borders of Germany, the vacuum carafes from Fischbach are in high demand: The first export order is placed.

Die Aluminiumfabrik
        Fischbach feiert 25-jähriges Firmenjubiläum


alfi is now looking back on 25 years of corporate history. This anniversary is celebrated extensively with the entire workforce.

Das Werk der
        Aluminiumfabrik Fischbach 1945


After the war, the plant is dismantled by Soviet troops. However, the entire workforce dedicates itself to quickly rebuild.

        Produktionsbeginn in Wertheim 1948


After completing the reconstruction, the Zitzmann family is expropriated and the company is converted to an "operation owned by the people".

Carl and Sophie Zitzmann relocated to Wertheim in the West German state of Frankonia and gathered up the courage to start all over. Production began in April in the old trade show.

Construction of the
        new alfi company building 1950


Construction of the new alfi company building is complete. Production and management are relocated from the trade show halls to the new construction.

Ad for alfi-vacuum
        carafes 1960


In the meantime, alfi has a staff of 150 employees. More than 500 different vacuum carafe models are being exported to a total of 62 countries.

        alfi-vacuum carafes 1964


The huge demand and the continuous growth bring about a need for more space. The next plant expansion has become inevitable.

        Württembergischen Metallwahrenfabrik (WMF)


alfi becomes a part of Württembergische Metallwahrenfabrik (WMF) located in Gesslingen, Germany.

alfi-vacuum carafes


Together with its staff of 300 as well as many partners and friends, alfi celebrates its 75th year of existence.

new construction
        alfi Commercial Centers


The new construction of alfi Commercial Center is inaugurated. In addition to logistics installations, training facilities and exhibit space, the new construction also feature a factory outlet and the "Hot and Cold" bistro.

senior corporate
        management: Hubert Sauter and Bernhard Mittelmann


Change in senior corporate management: The former CEO Jörg Dümmig-Zitzmann is replaced by Hubert Sauter and Bernhard Mittelmann.

alfi-Logo 2006


alfi gets a new logo. The company now represents itself with the claim "Fresh. Hot. Cold."

alfi-Outletshop in


The very first outlet shop opens in the old downtown area of Wertheim.

        alfi-Outletshop in Miltenberg


The second alfi outlet shop opens in Miltenberg. The factory outlet in the Commercial Center has been reconstructed and shines in new splendour.

        anniversary. Logo der Thermos Unternehmensgruppe


The company celebrates its 100-year anniversary. In the same year, alfi merges with the Thermos Group located in Chicago in the United States.