Sustainability for mankind and nature

alfi stands for long-lasting good taste - pleasing both the taste buds and the eye at the same time, yet we pride ourselves in our commitment to the health of our customers and the environment. We place great value in handling resources responsibly.

alfi Sustainability for mankind and nature

We are very conscious of our responsibility towards the environment. This is why the aspect of recyclability is always top on our list of priorities when developing new products. Our production and logistic processes are continuously planned and carried out in view of a minimum amount of impact to the environment as possible.

We work closely with the responsible authorities to ensure consistent protection against water pollution and in addition, we also continuously conduct strict internal inspections of our own waste water.

alfi Sustainability for mankind and nature Icon
alfi Sustainability for mankind and nature Icon

Moreover, we check our production processes constantly for the ability to save water and to reduce waste and emissions.

Our activities are designed so that our customers can rest assured and simply enjoy our products. Both as concerns the environment as well as their own health - and that of their families. This is why all alfi products are BPA free